Introducing the World’s First Universal, Enterprise-Class System for Verifiable Credentials Management:

Credential MasterTM

Any Wallet

Issue Verifiable Credentials (VCs) to or verify from any standardized SSI wallet

Any Ledger

Root in, store in, or verify from any VC-compatible ledger or database

Any Standard

Agnostic to evolving VC standards

Any Payload

Agnostic to VC data payload

Enterprise Scalability

Issue, verify, and manage all aspects of up to millions of VCs with enterprise-class features, performance, and compatibility

At a glance, Credential Master...

…enables bulk-management of issuance, issuers, holders, storage, verification, policy, accounting, communications, workflows and more for up to millions of VCs.

…is universal and agnostic to wallets, ledgers, payloads, standards, technologies, vendors, processors, applications, and data sources.


…integrates with external applications and data sources such as HR, ERP, and SIS systems for direct conversion into VCs.

…is built on the powerful Salesforce platform—and available for non-Salesforce customers—bringing broad interoperability; robust APIs; automated workflows; powerful reporting, auditing and compliance tools; and enterprise-class performance and uptime.

…is a platform for building and running Credential Oriented Applications (COAs) for a limitless array of use cases.

Use Cases

VCs unleash an exciting new universe of trusted digital interactions. Below is a glimpse of what’s now possible.

Digital, Provable ID


Digital employee, student, and gov’t IDs, profiles, and more

Single Sign-On


No more usernames and passwords

Resource Access


Securely open doors, software, devices, more

Awards &


Skills, competencies, badges, awards

P2P Communication


E2E encrypted, text, voice, video & file sharing

Fraud Prevention


ID theft, phishing, ATO, FAFSA

Tickets & Receipts


Tickets, receipts, vouchers, coupons



Digital, provable, revocable, auditable



Powerful tools for using W3C Verifiable Credentials (VCs) in an academic environment, starting with self-sovereign student ID.

Credential Master tames the complexity of Verifiable Credentials.

Verifiable Credentials significantly enhance UX and workflows for Holders and Verifiers, but their complexity for Issuers can rival that of physical credentials, requiring a tool like Credential Master to administer VCs at scale.

Credential Master (CM) enables bulk management of:

Issuance & Revocation

Organize, trigger and track VC issuance and revocation using any VC Processor, storage, standards, policy, VC technology, or third party vendor.


Track and manage VC issuance to, verification from, and access to SSI wallets, blockchains or databases.

Issued Credentials

Track issued VCs, Holders (if issued to an SSI wallet), storage location and retrieval (if stored in a blockchain or database), source data, definitions, policies, expiration, revocation and more.


Track and manage verifications requested, definitions applied, proofs presented, events triggered, and more.


Use any data source to generate VCs using standard integrations and powerful APIs.

Reporting & Compliance

Enterprise-class reporting and accounting, with hundreds of compatible apps and plugins.


Manage employees, departments, partners and others authorized to issue VCs on behalf of your organization, including detailed accounting of issuance activities.

Offered Credentials

Track and manage VC offers, acceptances, rejections, and all related interactions and communications, including automated responses, triggers, and workflows.


Track and manage prospective, current and former VC Holders, with all relevant associated data, issuances, communication and interactions.


Track and manage VC issuance to, verification from, and access to SSI wallets, blockchains or databases.


Track and engage in interactions and communications with Holders.


Customize and automate workflows with power and flexibility.

Universal interoperability with VC standards, technologies, and vendors.

As a VC management system and not a processor, Credential Master remains neutral to evolving VC standards, technologies, and vendors, offering an agile, future-proof way to begin enjoying the power of VCs today.

Any Wallet, Any Ledger, Any Storage

Any Wallet, Any Ledger, Any Storage

Issue VCs to standardized SSI wallets such as Evernym’s Connect.Me, esatus AG’s SELF or Trinsic; store in blockchains such as TLN or Velocity; or store VCs in traditional databases. Keep track of what went where, with appropriate ongoing access management and controls.

Any VC Standard

Any VC Standard

CM is compatible with ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proofs), JWT, JSON-LD and any other VC variants that may emerge.

Any Data Standard

Any Data Standard

VCs are containers agnostic to and supportive of any payload data format or standard.
Examples:  Academic: CLR, ILR, PESC, A4L, HR Open; Healthcare: HL7, FHIR, DICOM, NCPDP; Financial:  ISO 20022, IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP

Any Processor

Any Processor

Utilize any standardized VC processor for cryptographic operations such as issuance, verification, hosted agent services, and key management.

Enterprise-class features, performance, and compatibility.

To issue, manage and verify hundreds, thousands, or even millions of VCs smoothly and reliably, you need Credential Master. Built on the platform, Credential Master delivers all the robustness of the world’s largest SaaS platform for both Salesforce and non-Salesforce customers.

Performance & Scalability

The Salesforce platform hosts business-critical applications for more than 150,000 organizations globally, executing more than three billion transactions daily at an average of less than a second. CM inherits these capabilities and more, even for our non-Salesforce users, making it the tool of choice for Verifiable Credentials at scale.

Powerful APIs

CM’s APIs can turn external data sources or applications into factories for producing, verifying, or utilizing Verifiable Credentials. Manage your data and relationships where you choose to, while enjoying the awesome capabilities of Verifiable Credentials.


Credential Master…

  • Plugs right in for existing Salesforce customers, works great as a hosted service for non-Salesforce customers, too.

  • Serves as a platform for Credential Oriented Applications, enabling a limitless array of VC-enabled applications and functionalities.

  • Supports customizable, automated, and event-triggered workflows and processes.

  • Supports multiple languages and currencies.

Verifiable Credentials (VC) Operations

The VC Operations Stack slices the VC stack in a new way, separating VC “management” (administration) from VC “processing” (cryptographic operations). This reduces vendor lock-in, increases autonomy over source data, and enables vendors to focus on what they do best.

Layer 4: Credential Oriented Applications (COAs)

Apps that use VCs for specific use cases. (e.g. student ID, single sign-on, achievements, entitlements, consent, communication, voting, tickets, receipts)

Layer 3: VC Management (VCM)

Administrative functions, like CRM for VCs. (Data, events, and triggers related to: people, policy, source data, storage, schemas, holders, connections, communications, verifications, revocation)

Layer 2: VC Processing (VCP)

VC cryptographic functions. (e.g. Connection, issuance, verification, key management, hosted agent service)

Layer 1: VC Storage

VCs can be held in SSI wallets, stored in relational databases, or stored in distributed ledgers/blockchains.

VC processing is complex technically, VC management is complex administratively. The VC Operations Stack enables SSI providers such as EvernymTrinsicesatus AG and IdRamp to provide processing services where they excel, while a separate VC manager such as Credential Master provides robust administrative capabilities.




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